The sports boat license Binnen Segeln is the official boat license required for sailing boats with a length of less than 20 meters, with a sail area of 6m² and on the inland waterways in Berlin. With this sailing license you are entitled as a skipper to sail a sailboat or a yacht in inland areas up to a length of 20 meters, e.g. on the numerous waters of Berlin such as the Wannsee or the Müggelsee. This sailing license is internationally recognized and required on most sailboats and sailing yachts.

A corresponding motor boat license is the sports boat license- SBF Binnen Motor. This is required for recreational boats up to 20 m hull length and with a propulsion engine from 11.03 kW (approx. 15 hp) for internal combustion engines and 7.5 kW (approx. 10.2 hp) for electric motors. The combination of SBF Inland Motor and Sailing is recommended in order to be able to charter flexibly on inland waters.

Course fee (incl. theoretical and practical training, examination trip)
Binnen sailing 575,00 €
Binnen  Sailing + Binnen Motor 755 €
Examination fees (see “Examination”)
Medical certificate approx. 30€
Information about booking:
The theoretical dates SBF Binnen Segeln and SBF Binnen Motor are to be chosen quasi-identically at the time of booking, since the rules for the Binnen area are treated together. The SBF See and the SBF Binnen Courses do not build on each other in terms of content, so that the SBF See can also be heard before the SBF Binnen Courses.

In the theory part of the sailing course the structure, equipment and functioning of sailing dinghies, sailing boats and small sailing yachts are presented with all safety-relevant aspects regarding good seafarers. In the legal part, the light guidance, avoidance rules, the Inland Waterway Regulations, the Sports Boat Licence Ordinance and other relevant basics are taught. Another component of the training is meteorology and the learning of some nodes. The theory courses take place live and online. There are weekend courses (each 10-17 clock) and evening courses (each 18-21 clock). If necessary, helpful textbooks can be ordered in advance, which we hand out before the start of the course (no shipping).

In practical training, about 7 x 3h, 2 crews, we sail with dinghies on the Spree, in the middle of Berlin. Starting point is our ship A. Köbis. Compulsory tasks such as man-over-board manoeuvres, landing and heading for the wind are practiced and basic boat skills are trained. The use of our boats for testing is incl. the course fee. The practical training takes place separately on the designated course dates and on individually agreed dates.

Official examination fees of the Berlin Examination Board

Theory examination at the Berlin Examination Board

Multiple-choice questions on seafarers, Binnen navigation law, vehicle management

Practical examination with us at the A. KÖBIS

safe steering, turning, throats, shifts, starting and dropping manoeuvres, man-over-board manoeuvres, sailing courses, knots

Exam dates with us at the A. KÖBIS are coming soon.

At these dates the practical exams for the SBF Binnen Motor can also be taken.

at least 14 years old

medical certificate of fitness (available on certain dates with us, information after booking, costs 25€)

Driving licence or driving certificate type 0 or declaration of the legal guardian

Season 2024:

Saturday the 17th of August: from 10am to 6pm and

Sunday the 18th of August: from 10am to 6pm