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The SBF Binnen Motor (recreational craft licence) is the official boat licence for driving recreational craft with a length of less than 20 metres on inland waterways under propulsion. It is required for driving recreational craft on inland waterways subject to the Inland Waterways Regulations for internal combustion engines with a power output of 11.03 kW (approx. 15 hp) or more, and for electric engines with a power output of 7.5 kW (approx. 10.2 hp) or more.

This motorboat licence is internationally recognised and mandatory on most motorboats and motor yachts.

A corresponding sailing licence is the Sportbootführerschein-Binnen Segeln.

The boat licence for the seas and oceans is the Sportbootführerschein See. The SBF See is independent of all SBF-Binnen certificates.

  • Course fee (incl. theory and practical training, examination trip)
  • Examination fees (look at „Die Prüfung“)
  • Medical certificate approx. 30€


This course is designed for fluent English speakers, who would like to obtain the German boating license Sportbootführerschein Binnen Motor. The theoretical exam can only be completed in German based on a multiple-choice procedure, which is why an intermediate knowledge of German is required. The course is held in a mix of both languages: In English for explanation and in German to be familiar with the correct wording for the exam. This type of English course is unique in Berlin, which means that our offering reflects the international character of our city. In the theory part of the motorboat course, the structure, equipment and functioning of recreational boats with all safety-relevant aspects regarding good seamanship are presented. In the legal part, the light guide, evasion rules, inland waterway regulations and other relevant basics are taught. Another part of the training is meteorology and learning some knots. The theory courses are held live on the seminar ship A. Köbis. There are weekend courses and evening courses. If required, helpful textbooks can be ordered, which we hand out before the course starts (no mailing).

During the practical training, approx. 3 x 45min individual lessons, we sail with a motorboat on the Spree.The starting point is always our ship A. Köbis. Here, not only the compulsory tasks such as man-over-board manoeuvres and mooring and unmooring are practised, but it is also important that each participant is able to handle the motorboat safely. Of course, this also includes the handling of lines and ropes as well as knot tying. The use of our boats for the exam is included in the course fee. The practical training is in addition to the designated course dates and takes place on individually agreed dates.

Official Examination Fees of the Berlin Examination Board

The theory examination at the Berlin Examination Board

Multiple-choice questions on seamanship, inland navigation law, vehicle handling

-> The examination takes place in German.

The practical examination on board the A. Köbis

safe steering, mooring and unmooring manoeuvres, man-overboard manoeuvres, knots, sound signals

Examination dates with us on the A. Köbis

Fri. 23.06.2023 at 16:00
Fri 14.07.2023  at 16:00
Fri 04.08.2023  at 16:00
Fri. 25.08.2023  at 16:00
Fri. 15.09.2023  at 16:00
Fri. 06.10.2023  at 09:00


At least 16 years old

Medical certificate of fitness (possible at certain dates, information after booking, costs 25€)

Car driving licence or certificate of good conduct or declaration of the legal guardian

Theory courses

Season 2024:

Saturday the 17th of August:  from 10am to 6pm and

Sunday the 18th of August: from 10am to 2pm

no evening classes are planned at the moment